Per year after Windows 8 introduction, Windows 8.1 will be still here. Is it easier than its predecessor? Yes however in ways that are tiny. The total demonstration is actually unchanged, albeit having some basic improvements.

If you are a Windows 8 hater, then Windows 8.1 probably wont transform your opinion of this OS. (It is worth noting that along with this Live Tile UI, Windows 8.x provides other enhancements, most especially faster startup times) New features like the yield of their Start button and also boot-to-desktop are welcome improvements, however they may possibly create Windows 7 users wonder Why upgrade in any way?

When touchscreen laptops and hybrids such as Microsoft's very own Surface Pro two prove favored by organizations and consumers, the os's touch-oriented UI and also mobile-style programs may possibly prove a success in the future. You must have to update your OS to windows 8.1, for that you can get free product key from

A Bing-centric experience:

If you are not fond of Microsoft's Bing search engine -- maybe you are entirely enmeshed in the Google ecosystem -- you wont enjoy Bing Smart Search, a brand new feature that integrates closely with the Windows 8.1 Start display.

By default, Search today reveals results from "anyplace," meaning settings and files in your device, and online videos, pictures, webpage previews, and links culled from Bing. It is pretty slick on a touch apparatus, where a simple swipe reveals search results.

Mail favoritism:

The Mail program in Windows 8.1 includes lots of improvements, such as a new toolbar on the left side of this display, in addition to hover controls for your mouse and keyboard PC crowd. Mail functions with many different popular email services, such as Gmail and Yahoo. But it reserves its best attributes for Microsoft's very own

And Mail mechanically files newsletters and societal networking messages to distinct inbox folders, thus decreasing inbox clutter and making it simpler to locate more emails that are pressing. Both features work just with
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Metro apps:

Windows 8.x (Metro) programs are clearly intended for mobile usage. They are optimized for input mouse and keyboard controls seem to be an afterthought. Many are lightweight, mobile-style apps which are fine for tablet computers. However they may appear wimpy to PC users that rely on feature-packed desktop programs and browser-based programs that continue to increase in sophistication and power.